Hi there, my name is


and I'm a UX developer from Canada

#OpenMentorship is a simple concept: I’m donating my time and knowledge to anyone who could use it. Here are a few areas where I think I might be able to help:

You feel you or your business needs an app or website but are unsure where to startYou want some feedback on the design of something¹You want some feedback on the Javascript or CSS of somethingYou started freelancing and want some advice
Our conversations can be about anything, there is no agenda. Ask for career advice, feedback on an idea or design , about my build tools, whatever. It’s your time to do with as you wish², no strings attached, no fees.

What do I stand to gain?

I want to help you, but I also want you to help me. Through our conversation I hope to gain insights and an understanding of backgrounds and challenges I’ve not experienced.


I’ve set aside two 30 minute blocks every Monday evening (19:30MST & 20:30MST), you may book only one of these blocks per week. I plan to keep my availability open on Monday nights, but if you book less than a couple of days in advance I may have to cancel. If you view my calendar and there are no slots, drop me an email and we’ll try work something out.

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